Black and White

These are some of my pencil drawings from old photos.

My goal in creating these pieces was to capture the different textures we see around us every day. I use only graphite pencils of various hardness and most of the drawings are on sketch paper. I have since switched to drawing on bristol board.

(To view a larger version of a drawing click on it to open it in a new window/tab.)

This is from a photo of Mr. Barr standing outside his Drugstore on East Main Street one bright and sunny morning in 1946.

His store was simply called “Barr’s Drug Store” and was a part of the old Union Brick block of storefronts. These storefronts were removed one by one through the years and those remaining were permanently tore down and removed in 2013.


This is from a photo taken in Wilmington, Illinois in 1900.
It is of my Grandmother Mary (center standing on stool) and some of her family. Back left is her mother Rosetta and back right is her Aunt Linnie. Her sister, Blanche, is to her right and her brother, Perry, is to her left.


My father had just got back from Germany where he was stationed during the Korean Conflict and using a camera he picked up there he took this picture in the Braidwood Tavern using the shutter timer. He is second from the left.

I was trying to capture the reflections in the glass and on the bar top in this drawing.


This is my father Ronnie and his older brother Frankie. The photo was taken in 1931 and Frankie died in a car accident 3 years later at the age of 20.

I wanted to see how real I could make the car look in a drawing.


Kenny and Pal in the garden small
My Uncle Ken and his dog Pal enjoy a warm summer day in 1940. They are out behind their house on Eureka Street by the flower garden his Mother planted.

I would like to turn this into a card of some sort. It just has that feel to it.


Charles in full WWI uniform (c. 1917-18)
My Grandfather arrived in this country from “Bohemia” in 1887  at the age of 1. Here he is in his WWI uniform sometime around 1917-1918 in front of a painted backdrop.


Charles Maly 1951 small
Here is my Grandfather many years later in 1951. Standing proudly behind by his 1941 Chrysler Royal which is parked behind the house on Lincoln Street.


Jake having a little fun (1931)
Great Uncle Jake having a little fun goofing around.

I liked the shadows in this picture plus the whole background out in the middle of nowhere.


Jake at his drawing table (1940)
Here is my Great Uncle Jake sitting at his drawing table in his apartment in downtown Wilmington.

Again, I loved the play of shadow and light.


Louis back from the war (1946)My Uncle Lou had just returned from WWII and sat down for a spell to enjoy a cigar.


Bobby and Kenny "in uniform" (1942)Little Robert and Kenny are so proud in their “military uniforms”, posing for this picture behind Aunt Bessie’s house. Their older brothers Louie and Chuck had just enlisted in the Army Air Corps and stopped off at home in uniform before heading to Basic Training. They just HAD to have a uniform of their own!


Main Street looking East (1951)

Main Street 1951 in Braidwood looking East from the “13 Club”.

I love drawing buildings and cars!


Main Street looking West (1951)Here is a shot looking West that includes the Pants Factory from the same location on Main Street.


Mary E. at 18 (1959)

My Mother in the spring of 1959 in a dress she made herself in HomeEc class.


Johnny and his parents Sam and Mae (?)

Relatives from long ago. Great-great Uncle Sam, Johnny and Aunt Mae.


Unfinished drawing of my Grandfathers friend in Chicago

This is an unfinished piece. I wanted to try my hand at drawing a horse and once accomplished I set the drawing …




19 thoughts on “Black and White”

    1. Thank you! I plan on posting a lot more soon. As for new drawings, they take some time! I have signs, logos and portraits to complete for other people first.

  1. Chuck- Drawings are fantastic. So detailed. The fact they are pencil drawings in black & white adds to the feeling of the old time era. No special effects needed here.

  2. Chuck , your work is very awesome. I have no artistic skills so I truly appreciate it. It is so good, I feel like I almost know them. Even though some lived before I was born. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hank,
      Thank you for the kind words. I have been drawing all my life and enjoy it very much. It is relaxing. Each of the drawings on this page took between 20 and 40 hours to complete.

  3. Wow, Chuck…this is some magnificent work! I could spend an hour looking at each one. So much attention to detail. I’m very impressed. Looking forward to meeting you at one of the TAGOL meetings soon!

    1. Thanks Robert!
      I’ve seen your work and and VERY impressed! I’ve done some mural work and have painted signs since 1979…. (giving away my age there).

  4. Wow!!! Awesome work. Long time no hear. I just discovered your site with the help of Dave. I live in KY at the moment, but not sure how much longer. Again, incredible work. they look very lifelike!

  5. We love your work!!! The pieces are outstanding. I would love to see some framed. Tell us how we can get prints or an original?


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