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Graphite Pencil Drawings on Paper/Bristol Board

These are drawings I did from some old black and white photos of my Fathers.

Title: Sunshine

Mr. Barr in front of his drug store on Main Street circa 1946.

Title: Reflections

Inside The Braidwood Saloon.

Title: Off To War

My Grandfather Maly during WWI.

Title: Working Man

My Grandfather Maly in 1951 at home in Braidwood.

Title: Family

My Grandmother Maly at two years old in Wilmington, 1900. Pictured with her sister, mother, aunt and brother.

Title: Brothers

My Father and his oldest brother, Frankie.

Title: Enjoy Life!

My Uncle Jake goofing around.

Title: The Artist

My Uncle Jake at his drawing table.

Title: Little Soldiers

My Uncles, Bobby and Kenny.

Title: Out For A Ride

My Uncle Bobby on his tricycle.

Colored Pencil Drawings on Bristol Board

Title: Dad

A drawing I did of my Father.

Title: Iron Man

after Salvador Larroca

copyright Marvel Comics.

Title: Thanos

after Alex Garner

copyright Marvel Comics.

Title: Thunderbolts

after Marko Djurdjević

copyright Marvel Comics.

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